Collective Thoughts for 2011

My assorted photos make up a little journal for 2011. I'm hoping 2012 will be an even better year as I navigate the bumpy road to higher education, relationships and eventually happiness. It's time to let things go and to realize that although people do not deserve our forgiveness and thought, we must give it to them in order to be happier ourselves. As we lessen the burdens that we have been entrusted upon, our loads become lighter and our wings expand. I am determined to go easy and to take every little thing slowly --- not to chase after someone but to allow ourselves to be pursued without guilt. To not let myself get entangled in someone else's problem and to realize that sometimes good people change without explanation and/or fault from us. I must learn from mistakes and to forget about how something that used to be so great can be broken so easily, to drill into my head that there are better things just waiting to fall into the missing puzzle pieces in my life.

x, Jennifer.

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