American Apparel Warehouse

my friend, Ting!

Pictures from yesterday, taken with my friend Ting's camera. Photos are to her credit, so hop on over to her blog, SweetIIndulgence and take a peek around!
We visited the American Apparel Warehouse Sale down by the waterfront and my gosh, it was a mission getting there. We took a bus, two subways and a streetcar and you must know, Toronto's transit system is notorious for being a nightmare. However, we both went home satisfied with our identical bags of AA loot and we purchased the same leather-y skirt! (link down below) It was totally worth it and if you have some patience and an appetite for American Apparel, you should definitely pay them a visit if you live in the area (sale ends on Monday). The prices are reasonable but don't expect to find their infamous solid hoodies with the white strings anytime!
My purchases: the pique bloomer in navy, the seersucker bloomer in white aqua and the shiny high-waisted skirt in matte black.

x, Jenn.

P.S sorry I haven't responded to any comments lately, I've been incredibly busy but I'll start this weekend, just not likely today. I still read every single one! <3

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Grace said...

Love these photos!!
You must have had so much fun:)

mai said...

That's pretty cool!
I really like both of yall's outfits.


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