The Beige Sweater Memo

I ordered this alpaca coloured sweater coat online from Old Navy awhile ago. I ordered in my usual size (a small) and since I was on the Canadian website, there were no reviews on the merchanise, as there usually is on the US site. When the order was all processed, I decided to go on and read the reviews on its sister site. A lot of them stated that said sweater was one size too big and I definitely agree, It's more like a medium on me but the slouchy look is sort of nice. On some angles, it's kind of unflattering but I'm fine with it. For about 50 dollars, it's no bargain (for Old Navy, at least) but it's now completely sold out online (except for size L)! 
The weather is slowly but surely turning cold and I can't wait to layer. Fall has its ups and downs but it will never cease to amaze me. There's always something around the corner. 

P.S My friend and I have an inside joke about the tank top I am wearing. We got matching ones after my birthday dinner last year and have since then called them our stripper shirts. This refers to the fact that every other girl at our school wears these without any tank tops underneath, showing off their brightly coloured bra...

LOVE, j.

- - -


Anonymous said...

so cute outfit :))

Mai said...

such a comfy/chic look. i love the way you layered.


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