No Harm, He's Armed

sweater - The Bay /band tee - store in Kensington Market / skirt - UO / trench - Bluenotes / boots - Tommy Hilfiger

 I finally wore the Beatles tank I got a month ago at Kensington Market! For those who don't know, Kensington's is a cluster of small vintage and eclectic shops that run along several streets in downtown Toronto. I had a blast and I really can't wait to go back there soon.

- - -
Trying Your Luck - The Strokes (one of my favourite bands of all time. Period.)

x. Jenn 


Valerie said...

Love your outfit especially that Beatles tank. :) xx

Keeping up with E.S.E.M said...

i love these photos and that ring!


Rachel said...

Oh I like the use of a dressed up skirt with a band tee. I may have to try this soon!

Katyaa said...

I like your outfit ! very nice ;)

I'm foolowing your blog , please, follow my blog : :)

Fabrizia said...

Really lovely trench!
Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

Cosa mi metto???

Diane said...

Loving the sweater!!

dongala (wanderer) said...

the trench coat and ur shoes..
me loves it! :)


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