The Last Year

floral dress - vintage / cardigan - Ginger G / oxfords - UO / earrings - Aerie / nails - Sally Hansen "Fairy Nice"

     These past days have been hectic and totally crazy! There have been tests and essays to write and weekends for partying but we've only just started the year. So much has happened and I really can't wait for more! As I sit here typing this out, I realize that I can't put down in words just how I'm feeling at the moment.
     It's my graduating year and I'm in desperate need for vivaciousness and colour to jolt and awaken me. Between dealing with an old split in the most civilized way (we're slowly but surely becoming friends again though he's now like a stranger to me) to putting countless hours into my education (unfortunately) , I don't think I'll have time to blog at all. I've still been putting effort into what I wear but photos will just have to wait! It's crunch time and I've got to give it all I have.

much love, J.
- - -


mai said...

That dress is adorable! Love your shoes too.

Rachel said...

Cute outfit. The owl earrings are darling. Sorry you're going through a break up and all that. I know it is rough. But you sound like you're making it. Good luck.

<3 Rachel
{dress ups and mess ups}

Diane said...

You look cute! I like the dress :)


dongala (wanderer) said...

this is cute! :)
the dress is really classic....
i was eyeing for something like that!
and the audrey hepburn framed behind awesome!


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