Book Inspiration - "Caps for Sale"

I love the bright colours and the 30s drawings from this little picture book:

I won't explain the plot in detail, but it's basically about some very mischievous monkeys who cause a hat peddler to be greatly distressed. Read the plot here. 
When I read about this book, I actually was surprised to find out that it was quite famous and sold approximately two MILLION copies. Wow. 
The colours in the book reflect the current "colour-blocking" trend and I am actually currently wearing a somewhat colour-blocked outfit (pictures to come soon). I have a friend's birthday coming up and am thinking to replicate some of these drawings onto her birthday card as I always, always, always make the cards. Anyhow, if I do end up doing so, I'll post the pictures on here too!
Hope everyone is having a nice Saturday!

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