New Hair

a little "Brady Bunch"...
Got my hair chopped off two inches (or a little more) recently. I really miss having longer hair but it just was so thick and the bottom of my hair had tons of split ends. It's way thinner now and it looks best when curled. I have a bit of natural wave thanks to my mother's extremely wavy hair so it's quite a breeze to style my mane now. I am still determined to grow my hair out because it's at an awkward length ---- not too long, but not too short. I am not that comfortable OR satisfied with it and was considering clip-in extensions yesterday. I think we all dress differently depending on the length of hair we have and I feel like nothing works in my closet anymore! In my opinion, long hair gives me more security. Sigh...
On a side note, I've been debating whether I should grow out my bangs completely so let me know if I should! I keep staring at this photo found on Street Peeper and it's been very convincing to let me keep my bangs as they are. Take a look for yourself....

So what's the final verdict?

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