Rose Salve Comparison

I'm obsessed with lip balms and glosses. No fuss products such as these rose salves are my absolute favourite because they get the job done. I purchased the Smith's brand minted salve approximately a year ago and it's one of the products I always rave about. I recently just bought the C.O Bigelow tin and sometimes I find myself reaching for one more times than the other. How do the two stack up? Keep reading to find out!

Purchased from Bath & Body Works for $5.50
Purchased at Sephora for $10.50

     I've got to admit, my favourite is the Smith's brand. I know that Smith's has a non-minted version (about $2 cheaper, not to mention) but I've tried both and the formula is about the same. C.O Bigelow's salve feels more similar to petroleum jelly and is more greasy while Smith's is more creamy and almost "jelly-like". C.O Bigelow's is tinted lighter---almost like a salmon colour and Smith's is darker but both show up as clear on my lips.
     The taste from the C.O Bigelow one is rather vanilla-y but the Smith's is more medicinal...but I've gotten used to it. A lot of my friends who use mine complain about the smell/taste but really, it's not a big issue. The mint is very refreshing and you can't have the mint without the weird methanol smell!
Now, let me talk about something which bothers me a lot about the Bigelow salve --- the tin. It is near impossible to open! I developed a method of twisting/yanking the cap off and the success rate is fair. Closing the tin is also tough compared to the Smith's one, which opens with just pulling the lid.
     All in all, I prefer Smith's despite the higher price tag. Urban Outfitters sells the minted one for $9 and the non-minted for the same price along with the strawberry one but if you purchase it at Sephora, you can collect beauty insider points. One thing worth mentioning is that the strawberry salve and the minted salve is almost always sold out at my two local Sephoras. I hope to try the strawberry one next anyways. It might seem like a rip off but one tin lasts FOREVER and has so many uses. I've used it as an eyelid primer and an undereye cream when in a rush. Try it and you'll love it.

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