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I loved the vintage, ethnic decor.

We had amazing fresh fish from the dock and the best fries
The crew had the cutest boys I have ever seen!

One of the "flowerpot rock formations" on Flowerpot Island

Climbing the flowerpot...

A very, very picture heavy post from my Saturday up north at a small town called Tobermory. It was a four hour drive from Toronto with several stops along the way, passing by several quaint, small towns. Sometimes, it's just nice to get away from the city. I have to thank my Urban Outfitters oxfords because they got me through sharp rocks and an afternoon of hiking on the island, which could only be reached by taking two separate cruise boats. We took the big glass bottom one halfway and viewed two shipwrecks but we had to switch to a smaller, flat bottom one because the water became too shallow. 
I'm desperate to hang on to the few days I have left of my summer break but I am volunteering at a summer camp next week so that would be rather hard. Nonetheless, I am sure camp will be fun as I've done it before and being around kids is always fun.  
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x, J.


Anonymous said...

amazing pictures! Thankyou for your sweet comment, of course I'll follow you xx

lhamo Mashutzo said...

i love the fresh pictures!
the main reason behind loving ur pictures is actually i love beaches and lakes, so these kinda photos really catches my attention.

little miss ivy said...

very cute outfit!! LOVE the colour of those shorts mixed with those stripes. If i passed u in the street I'd definitely look twice ;)



Jennifer said...

thanks! and i followed all of you guys! <3

mai said...

Love your outfit! I tried to create a similar outfit recently, but my shorts were too thin and the shirt was totally showing through. . . not a very good look. lol


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